The Slemani IFF organizers would like to share their sincere apology for announcing that the 5th annual edition of the festival which was planned to be held on October-2020 is cancelled due to the on-going situation with the global pandemic of Covid-19 in Kurdistan.

We would like to make this announcement to all the filmmakers, artists, and main stream medias in Kurdistan that after careful consideration and examining of the reports of World Health Organization and other related parties, we have learnt there is a possibility of a second wave of the Covid-19, and thus for the safety of everyone we have decided to cancel the 2020 edition of our annual festival.

As it is known some of the most important activities of the festival is bringing foreign films and filmmakers in to the Slemani city. As well as the planning of the festival’s programs and activities is almost impossible to be done with regards of the safety situation that has to be considered during the pandemic. Thus we can not be sure of presenting a safe and successful program. Unfortunately this issue has faced cinemas and other film festivals all over the globe.

We sincerely hope that a vaccine or a proper treatment for this virus will be discovered very soon in order to plan our festival for the coming year of 2021 in a safe and beautiful environment of our beloved Slemani city. The Capital of art and education.

Slemani international Film Festival Media.

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