Security forces (Asayish) at a border crossing in the Kurdistan Region on Wednesday prevented an attempt to smuggle 27 kilograms of heroin into Turkey.

“The perpetrators were trying to smuggle the drugs into Turkey by hiding it inside the car seats,” said Abdul-Wahab Mohammed, Director of Asayish at the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing that connects the Kurdistan Region’s Zakho and the Turkish city of Silopi.

“The drug they were smuggling was heroin, distributed under the driver and the passenger’s seats. It was about 27 kilograms and they surrounded the drugs with spices and covered them with perfume to prevent dogs from detecting them,” he added.

It’s worth mentioning that the sale and consumption of any non-prescription narcotics are strictly forbidden in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. Most are smuggled into the country through its porous border with Iran, on its way to Turkey, Syria, and ultimately Europe and North America.

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