A British expatriate in the Kurdistan Region has embarked on a project to create the largest and most comprehensive online Kurdish dictionary.

Ibrahim Kocher is a British expatriate who has spent the last 10 years of his life in the Kurdistan Region’s Duhok province with his family. During that time, Kocher has become fluent in Kurdish. For the past few years, Ibrahim has been working on expanding an online Kurdish dictionary via Wikipedia’s platform, Wiktionary. He has made significant progress with the initiative and believes the Kurdish language is one of the most important in the world.

Wikiferheng, a web-based free content dictionary, does not only include definitions for words in Kurdish but also includes idioms and proverbs commonly used in Kurdish as well as their meanings.

Over 350 years ago, classical Kurdish writer, poet, and philosopher Ahmad Khani wrote the first-ever Kurdish dictionary titled “Nubehara Biçukan,” or “The Spring of Children.”

Since then, there have been many other Kurdish dictionaries written and published. Ibrahim says he expects his project to be the largest Kurdish dictionary because it is available to people around the world who speak different languages.


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