Akre Health Directorate Spokesperson Sabah Zoheir said on Monday (January 6) that three new cases of a seasonal strain of the H1N1 influenza virus were recorded in the district.

“One patient was sent home after treatment, one was sent to Duhok hospital, and one remains at Akre hospital under its care,” Zoheir said.

“All three are from Kurdistan Region and live in Akre,” he said.

The H1N1 influenza virus has multiple strains, one of which is commonly referred to as swine flu, which caused a global pandemic a decade ago. Others are seasonal strains endemic to humans.

There have been four fatalities in the Kurdistan Region caused by the virus so far this season, including three people originally from outside Kurdistan Region and an elderly man in Erbil.

The very young and the very old are particularly vulnerable to influenza.

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