Who is Ahmed Kurdi?              

Ahmed Kurdi is one of the most influential Kurdish political activists who was born in 1927, in Mardin, north    Kurdistan. As a child, he attended school, but soon he dropped out of it because he could not put up with the harsh treatment of his Turkish teacher. When he once asked his teacher to teach them Kurdish instead of Turkish, the teacher`s temper frayed, as a result he slapped him, but Ehmed could not be impassive, he grabbed the egg the teacher has brought into the class and threw it at the face of his teacher and left the class hurriedly.

Afterwards, he summoned his courage to carry on with his barrage of attacks, what he did is that he made himself a catapult, and awaited for his teacher to go to school, as the teacher would go to school, he would attack him with the catapult from distance. The teacher could not lift a finger to defend him that is why he was forced to leave the school for good.

Ehmed Kurdi moved to Syria where he met Mir Celadet Badirxan, at that time when was nearly thirteen years old, Mir Cledet took great care of him as small Kurdish patriot. Ehmed grew up among the Badirxani Intellectual in Sham. At that time the Badirxani family dynasty was in exile, nevertheless the could do their best for their country, Kurdistan. Celadet, in particular founded the Kurdish intellectual, political and literary magazine HAWAR. Ahmed would distribute every volume of HAWAR to different Kurdish villages, the mission he carried was dangerous because Kurdish haters were everywhere, and nevertheless, he continued to distribute HAWAR. Ehmed Kurdi met numerous Kurdish intellectauls and writers during his life time, including Nuradin Zaza, Qedri Can, Kamuran Ali Badirxan and Osman Sabry. Now he lives in Mardin.

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