Idrees Ali

Many people believe in conspiracy theory without realising it. Conspiracy theory is believing in some certain actions that happens in real life which may be even untrue or not realistic, people who tend to believe in this theory are always suspicious and they think everything is planned against them. According to a research done by professor Josh Hart, these type of people might be suspicious about every aspect of their life and they believe that they are right but they are not probably, as example Democrats are more likely to believe that Trump’s campaign “colluded” with the Russians, Hart said, another example is that people believe that the world of politics is controlled by Secret agencies such as CIA. Conspiracy theory is found in middle eastern countries as well, especially in Islamic world, such as a religious man said , Tom and Jerry is Haram, its made by Jewish people and it’s to mislead Muslims , as the matter of fact it’s just a film cartoon. The reason why people have such beliefs is that some actions and surrounding actions are too complicated , and they mix up things together and make up an idea which is really far away from the real action.

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